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What are benefits of copper

Copper is an imperative nutrient for body. It helps the body to form red blood cells, maintain healthy bones, blood vessels, nerves, immune function, and iron absorption. It prevents Cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis when taken in proper amount in diet.

Can we replace copper products with our daily utensils

Yes we can replace Copper products with our daily utensils.

how to clean copper utensils

Copper utensils look shiny and inviting when bought. We are tempted to buy them and add to our traditional collection of utensils. Buying these utensils is one thing, but maintaining their shine is another. Over a period of time copper vessels stain and loose shine. Keeping Copper Utensils looking like new isn’t easy. Well, there are some solutions to get rid of these ugly stains.

  • Lemon & Salt
  • Vinegar Alternative
  • Use Ketchup
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar and Flour

can we store cold water in copper vessels

Yes, you can store

can we store dairy products in copper vessels

No we can’t consume dairy products in Copper vessels as they will react with the metal and can cause Copper poisoning. So it is advisable not to store dairy products in Copper vessels.

how can we check the authenticity of copper bottles

Authenticity of copper bottles can be checked by measuring its density. The density of copper is 8.92 prams per milliliter. If you want to determine the density of your object, just weight it and then divide that weight by its volume. If you find the density of object significantly different from the density of copper , your object is not  pure copper. Another simplest method to check the authenticity of copper is to apply lemon juice over it, rinse it with water and you will find the copper object glowing like reddish color. This is a sign of pure Copper.

what are the benefits of handmade copper products

Benefits of handmade Copper products are:
  • Helps in the proper growth of body.
  • The handmade copper bottles fight free radicals in the body and boost the digestive system health.
  • Prevents the premature ageing and improves the skin health by keeping the skin graceful.
  • Drink water in copper bottle empty stomach to get most of the benefits out of it.
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